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Head to Soul Makeover Teen Curriculum


Head to Soul Makeover:
Becoming Real in a Fake World

 "Character happens," whether you plan it or not, so start young by learning what it takes to develop real character. Head to Soul Makeover, a ten-week small group study for teen girls, is based on the principles of Character Makeover.

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Head to Soul Makeover is an entirely standalone curriculum.
Reading of Character Makeover is NOT REQUIRED.

 Learn about the WOMEN'S VERSION

The Head to Soul Makeover small group study includes:

  • Nine 90-minute lessons plus the closing "Big Reveal Party"
  • Built-in discussion questions and activities
  • A weekly self-assessment quiz based on a reality TV show
  • Choose a Makeover Challenge to deepen each character quality
  • Record your progress in a self-purchased Makeover Journal
  • Stay accountable to your three-person Makeover Team

    Read a sample lesson from Head to Soul Makeover

Teach your teenage girls small group, Sunday school class, or discipleship group what it means to have Christlike character in the real world. Written for teenagers, and focusing especially on the issues teenagers face, this study selects topics from  Character Makeover to which girls can relate. The girls don't need to read Character Makeover for this study, but through their ten-week journey they will practice the skills of being real in a fake world.

These girls are enjoying their Makeover Party, Week 10 of the teen girls' curriculumEach week a different television reality show is used as a metaphor to explore the strongholds that keep girls from being like Christ, then they look into the Bible for the solutions.  On the chart below, see the reality shows that each week's self-assessment quiz is based on. Girls love to take self-tests, and these are especially created to help girls take a good look at the kinds of problems they typically encounter at their stage in life.  The chart below shows what kiind of "big reveal" they get on each test, and from that they choose action steps to deepen that character quality in their lives.   

Character Quality

 Reality Show

The Big Reveal

Week 1: Introduction

What NOT to "Be"

Which three of the character qualities do you need the most?

Week 2: Humility

American Idol

Which of the Four Prideful Idols are you?

Week 3: Confidence

The Singing Bee

Which 'song lyrics' play on your mind's 'iPod'? Confident or insecure?

Week 4: Courage

Fear Factor

What is your fear factor? Worry, fear, lying, or courage?

Week 5: Self-Control

The Biggest Loser

When you weigh in, do you need to lose the mouth, the attitude or the habit?

Week 6: Patience

"Life" Swap

Do you need patience with irritating people, pet peeves or waiting?

Week 7: Contentment

My Super Sweet 16

How super-ficial or super-satisfied are you?

Week 8: Generosity

 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

How generous are you with your talents, time and things?

Week 9: Perseverance

Amazing Race

What kind of quitter are you? Do you quit from discouragement, criticism, or frustration?

Week 10: The Big Reveal Party

Games and affirmation exercises